Monday, January 14, 2013

Main Jaran (Horse Racing) - Sumbawa

Main Jaran or Pacuan Kuda (Horse Racing) is a famous traditional game in Sumbawa. It is held every year almost in every village to celebrate  the Independence Day of Indonesia. 

The most interesting thing for me that the jockeys are kids aged 6 to 10 years. Yea it’s interesting in one side, but in the other side,,don’t you think it’s dangerous? I’m even wondering do they really want to join their game or their parents ask them to?

I watched this game once in my life few months ago, but not for Indonesian Independence Day celebration. It was when Sumbawa held a Festival where Horse Racing was one of the events. 

At first was so surprised about the little jockeys. Especially when one of the horses gone wild, and the little jockey was on it and need 4 adults to handle that angry horse -_- I even watched so close to the horses and contestants. Entered the race area, stood near the gate where the horses start running.

When it started, all my worries gone away. Like this kids were born to be a professional jockeys. They didn’t afraid at all and could handle their big horses amazingly.

After that, I talked a little to some horse racing juries asked about “why kids?”. They said that it is one of the unique things which make horse racing in Sumbawa is different from the other areas -_-. And never in a history that the jockey fell and trampled by the horse :o

Also, every horse has their sharman who will spell on the horse before they start the game, hohoho….

Well I don’t know what to say about that. But I appreciate what people’s belief.

Ah and I also had a chance to get on the horse!_3 guys help me for that -_-


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  1. udah lama gak nonton main jaran,,

    kapan ada main jaran lagi ji,, hehehe